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Commercial Auto Insurance

The 411 on Commercial Car Insurance

Good commercial vehicle insurance coverage is specifically tailored for vehicles utilized in the operation of a business. It assists by protecting the policyholder from such issues as liability, costly repair bills, and more if the commercial vehicle is involved in an accident.

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Who Needs It

Commercial car insurance is designed to meet the needs of all types of businesses that need vehicles in any way to conduct business. Not only is it required legally, but it is also needed to ensure that business owners can be protected from out-of-pocket costs associated with any legal, medical, or repair issues. Businesses large and small can benefit from this type of policy.

How it Functions

A business auto policy is somewhat similar to a personal policy since, like standard car insurance, the company will first determine what kinds of coverage the business might need and whatever levels of the coverage as well. Once this is done, the business then purchases the policy of choice. The insurance provider will have the company owner sign a contract and then coverage can begin. The policyholder is then obligated to pay the premiums consistently and on time until it becomes necessary to file a claim. This is done in accordance with the procedures outlined by the insurance company. The insurance company will then be in touch with the insured with guidance on how to proceed.

The main motivations for a business carrying a commercial vehicle policy are the needed higher liability levels associated with being in business, vehicles being utilized to move heavy equipment, and vehicles that are needed in the day-to-day operations of a company.
Commercial vehicle coverage can pay for the repair or replacement of vehicles that are damaged due to accidents and provides liability coverage for employees or other drivers involved in a business-related accident with the covered vehicle. It even protects the business from lawsuits stemming from an accident.

Types of Coverage

Liability insurance is what ensures that drivers and passengers of commercial vehicles are covered so as to have the ability to pay for medical costs that result from accidents and other loss-inducing events. Collision coverage for commercial vehicles covers the business from the financial consequences of minor and major fixes to the car that stem from an impact with other vehicles or objects. Comprehensive coverage is what gives protection against anything that happens to a vehicle that is not related to it being operated by a driver, like damages caused by vandalism, fire, and severe weather events. Roadside assistance and towing is another option in the myriad of coverage offerings for commercial vehicles.

The Benefits

Commercial car insurance is designed very specifically for vehicles used in business and it provides terrific protection from liability. It also gives a company protection from repair costs after a company vehicle is damaged.

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