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What Homeowners Insurance Does Not Cover? – Nashville TN

I keep getting a lot of questions about homeowner’s insurance. So, one of the questions I recently got was “What does homeowners insurance not cover?” Not what it covers, but what does it not cover? So, homeowner’s insurance, and I’m talking about the typical H03 or the typical homeowner’s insurance policy. So what does it not cover? It covers all risks, everything that’s not excluded. Now, I know that sounds like an attorney answer, but that’s a really, really big, broad question. So, I’ll give you a couple of examples. Anything that’s sudden and accidental that just happens, like a tree fell on my house or a tornado came or a fire broke out, that’s covered, but anything that’s ongoing and continuous and happened over a period of time, typically, you don’t have any coverage for that situation. So just remember, if it’s sudden and accidental, more than likely it’s covered. If it’s something that’s ongoing, like rotten wood for example, my water was leaking and leaking and leaking, and over a period of time, the wood is rotten, that’s not covered. So just think, sudden, accidental, coverage, long-term ongoing, continuous, likely not covered. So hope that helps. Keep those questions coming. Thanks.

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