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Which Auto Insurance Is The Best? – Nashville TN

BTJ Insurance – Which auto insurance is the best? Get that question all of the time. Which auto insurance is the best? Well, that is a really, really broad question because there’s a lot of insurance companies out there. We represent tons of companies. And so, people always ask us, “Which one is the best?” Well, all the companies have ratings. The better companies or bigger companies, I should say, have ratings. AM Best rates companies A plus, A plus, plus, A, A minus, B. But far as being the best, the companies that pay your claims, the companies that are there for you when you call, they all have their strong points.
Car insurance is pretty straight forward. If you have an accident and you’re at fault, your best companies are going to pay those claims. And if your vehicle needs to be repaired, the best company is going to have guarantees in their repairs as it relates to how your car is being repaired. So, which one’s the best? I know as a consumer, the best, a lot of times, means who has the lowest rate. The lowest rate does not mean it’s the best. There’s so many different variables. It’s a lot of things that make up those rates. So, being the best, in my book, is the one who’s going to pay their claim when you need them. The A plus carriers that we represent, I won’t even go into names, because I’m very confident on every single one of them that I represent that they’ll take care of you. So, who’s the best? I think I’m the best agency. So, that would be my answer. All right.

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