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Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Windows? – Owings Mills MD

All right. Bobby Thomas, BTJ Insurance. And I got a good question on Google today. And the question is, will homeowners insurance cover windows? So the answer is, depends on what happens to the window. If a rock hits the, excuse me, if a rock hits your window, it’s your home and it busts, yes you have coverage for that. If kids are playing baseball, neighbors’ kids or your kids, and they bust the window, yes there’s coverage for that.
Let me advise you though that the typical window replacement is likely less than the deductible, but the actual broken window is covered. Now, where will you see a scenario that more than one window is damaged at the same time? Maybe a large hail storm comes through sideways, busts a bunch of windows. Yes, then you’d have one occurrence and then you likely will have a homeowners claim. A fire, if you have a really, really hot fire. Fire department comes in. They’re busting out windows or the heat or you bust it out trying to get out. Either way, you would have coverage for that broken window. Now, if you just need a window replacement in the house to keep the draft out, unfortunately you won’t have any coverage for that under your homeowner’s insurance.
Keep those questions coming. Thank you, and look forward to getting the next one. Have a great day.

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